Double Lollies

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You can contact the Retro Sweets team using the following details...
Chewbz Retro Sweets
31 Grasmere Way
Blyth Riverside Business Park
Blyth, Northumberland
NE24 4RR
Telephone: 01670 458022

We do our best to answer all phone calls and respond to emails quickly. If we are really busy, your call may go to our answer phone so leave a message with your details and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Our offices are open from 9am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday. We are shut on Saturdays, Sundays and standard UK bank holidays including Easter.

Oh, we should also mention that is a trading name of Chewbz Retro Sweets so don't be surprised if you see Chewbz on your bank statement or on your sweet order.

Share your thoughts and ideas
If you've got an idea you want to share with us, or there is a product we don't currently sell that you are desperate to get your hands on, let us know by emailing If you send us an idea and we think it's a goodun and start selling it, we'll send you a free one so make sure you include your name, address and email address when you get in contact.

We value all feedback
We value all feedback - positive or negative - so if there is something we've done that you love, or something you are not happy with, then let us know. Email us on and all emails will be responded to as a matter of priority.